The Now and the Need


Jobs are being lost. Bills are overwhelming. Those of us who have lived for a long time on the edge, just surviving, are finding things difficult to impossible. As a person I can’t change this. As an edge dweller I do understand. On this page I intend to place links to places that offer help.

I also intend to adjust my rates which normally are 45 for a half hour, and 70 for an hour. I am now offering readings by phone, email or chat which would be the same rate but now offered for a fixed rate of 30 dollars per half hour. If you have a small question I will send you a free answer. Just text, and plese leave your name, or email so I can keep in touch.

At the top of every page you have my phone number, please text or call. As this is the tool I use for readings I may be busy so please text is the line is busy I will get back to you. My email address is also on every page. Contact is easy. Any changes to my rates or policies will be noted on the front page.

I also am setting up a facebook page. My hours are usualy from 6 am to 6 pm. 


There are times when we are out of resources, feel let down, helpless. It doesn’t hurt to pray. This is our lifeline. Love and Prayer. 

Life is going to get better.

Light and Love.