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Psychic Readings

This can be through the Tarot. This can be with the spirits, some call them guides, to me they are spirits sometimes noisy sometimes very cooperative. If I even say My Guardian says please take me seriously. He has been with me since I was 11 years old and I consider him my mentor and protector.

My rates are normally higher but for this bad time they are now set at $30.00 for a half hour reading. This is over the telephone and I can call anywhere in the USA or Canada.


Good advice. I’l remember to be flexible and to keep working hard. It was lovely speaking with you. By the way you actually predicted the man coming into my life a few months ago. Down to his star sign and where we met. You said tables and chairs, and it wasn’t quite how I imagined it (I pictured something fancier haha) but the setting was right.



I have used the services of Alexa as an intuitive reader for years and I have been extremely happy with her services.

Linda L.


…Absolutely the best psychic reader I have ever met! She is amazing in her instight and very kind and helpful! Blessings always and such a rare fortune to have a reading with her.



I’ve been fortunate to know Alexa for the past seven years.  When I first came in contact with her, it was to have her do intuitive/psychic readings for me, which she did on several occasions and did accurately and very well.  Her insight and advice was exactly on target.  Alexa is also very kind and understanding, very caring of her clients… she is a true professional.  I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good intuitive reader.




Mary Emma Klett

Psychic Chat Readings

This can be done on Facebook Messanger or using Skype Chat.  I have a lot of experience with this type of reading, about 15, 16 years of experience and I know that wherever you are in the world it works!! 

A half hour chat reading will cost $30.00. 

If you have a need and not the money, Lordy it happens, is happening here lol just text a small question with your email and name to the phone number in the heading.




Email Readings and Visioning

Here my reading is for approximately 250 words. The cost for this is $20.00 It is limited to two questions.

I can just answer questions and my rates are $10.00 per question or $25.00 for three. if you text me a question and you are a new client I will answer the first question for free.

I also do visioning. As a Reiki Master Teacher I am qualified to do distance healings. I can also, as a psychic see at a distance so if you want a healing, or a vision, and healing is physical, emotional, and intellectual please write a letter to me. (An email link is always provided, top of page)  Feel free to vent, caterwaul, tell me what you feel but also tell me, what do you need to know, what do you want to happen? 

It takes 48 hours as a general rule to respond as it may take more than one session of visioning or meditation.  Cost for the visioning is $30.00.

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