Psychic Readings

I use the tarot as a medium to let people know what is happening around them. The cards are a tool as I touch each I do know the meanings, still I wait  for the spirits to speak. It is the combination spirit voice and  a tarot tool that allows me to read.

People ask why do you need this tool? There are times when I don’t. People will just ask questions and I will answer.  But it is mostly the spirits who are answering. Sometime you need clarity, sometimes because of the various limitations you need a visual signl to point the way. 

Cards, Crystals, and Body Reads

Don’t worry about it, basically, a psychic works on feelings, works on the feelings that push him or her over those edges. Whatever method your Psychic uses the only think important is if it works for you.

I have crystals and when prompted I use them. I am at times a medical intuitive and that has evolved over time. I have worked as a Psychic now for 20 years. I have read cards now for over 45 years.

Reiki and Sound Healing

Reiki is like when you skin your knee and your Mom or Grandma kisses it better. It hurts but the love makes it better.

Reiki is a lot stronger. Training for Reiki and its many facets is coming to the front now.  A lot of people give weekend workshops but don’t require their students to actually work with the skills. It is a great healing modality and deserves to be used.  I had a friend, I worked on, with a frozen shoulder, and after a treatment she made it to work and could work. We did do follow up sessions.

I am doing healing sessions nightly for those with COVID- 19 if you have a name of someone who needs help please text me at 250-319-7827. Each night at 10 pm Pacific time I will be sending out healings.

Reiki Healing

I worked on a man who was traveling. He had sore muscles for I focused on his back and actually saw my hands disappearing into his back; inside his body.

After the session he told me, “I feel like I  just had a deep tissue massage.”  Reiki works.

Sound Healing

I used to play clarinet in the school band and even now I remember how music can take you into a magical place. Perhaps why I so believe in sound healing.

I was in an accident, and it was my second one. My back and neck were whiplashed. I was on my way to work, it was 4:30 am and instead I ended up in the hospital.

The crash left an already injured back in bad shape. To heal I experimented with  some healing sounds mantas and music. Instead of taking a few months to heal it took about a month and a half. I was back at work and have used the music since to aid my healing in other areas. Along with meditation this healing modality of sound is the best asset.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams come for a reason. They come to inform you about events yet to come. They come to give you information around a decision you are making. 

Dreams come in color. Makes sense so does the world. Dreams also come to the blind. So dreams are more than real they are a door to another level of reality.

Dreams can be interpreted. Dreams can be a way to contact someone you love. They are your personal power battery.

Ghosts in Dreams

I lost someone I loved and it was so hard to let go. About three weeks afterwards I fell into sleep and in my sleep I was a ball of light, and he was a ball of light, and we were dancing. No bodies. No words. But I knew he loved me, and I loved him. No way to talk to me here on earth, eventually he did, but he could speak, without words, in my dreams.


In dreams and meditations I stretch my mind. I have seen the future in my dreams, the places I have lived, and have yet to live. I see people I have yet to meet, and funniest our old travel trailer that we bought two years ago but saw it in my dreams the year before we purchased. When the country recovers it will be from here that my husband sells his carvings and I do my psychic consultations.