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We are all travelers on this magic road. All of us reaching forward reaching for a destiny that in so many ways is also reaching to us.

Listen to the heart. Deepak Chopra has said that there is another intelligence in the body and that besides the brain, organs also think. 

Right now we are traveling through a difficult time. My spirits say it, the virus, is still growing in strength so take all of the precautions we are being urged to take. I want to be here for those who need psychic guidance or counseling. for now you can contact me though the link below. My rates have been cut because while I need to survive so do others so please see my rates/dates/times. As the name of the site is Psychic Traveler and right now, it is Psychic in Cyberspace.

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Psychic Readings and Consultations

    When I Read

    I use all of the tools avaialble. I read tarot, and other cards. I channel spirits hearing their voices when, they want to speak.  That is important as they are our helpers, our prophets. I also look at palms and numbers, in the cards and numerology. There are signs you have to watch for them

    Love and Life

    We may have money, or not, but we always require Love. Love helps cancer vanish, helps our outlook on life brighten. Love creates a tension in our world like no lover. At times we feel love is a boat heading downstream at an incredible rate, but no oars. Sometimes we have to reach out for help, for someone who cares.

    Finance and Work

    Money is not as important as the work we do. When we are not in the right place and time, our energetic vibration is off. Yo,u have to be able to navigate the crossroads of life.


    For me this is part of my meditative process. I give the reason to the Gods, and thengo into deep meditation. Sometimes the answers come and sometimes they don’t. You have to ask, trust, and at times come in andout of it so the time it takes can be a half hour to two hours. Visioning is much stronger than a dream.

    Sadness, Panic, Hopelessness

    We all have those times. I call them the hanged man. Others would call it a kind of involuntary sundance. We got through pain to learn. I call it a hungry time. We need to be fed, love, light, wisdom. And this is important some times we need to cry.

    A Psychic

    A lot of us are psychic but some of us don’t own it. Once you do you cannot walk away. It is not a job, maybe a calling, and it is a piece of life. A puzzle piece that we need to fit in wherever it works. Psychic’s are not normal. They never have been. A lot of pariahs are psychics. Why? Because you have to own that pain. The deepest part of the water is where you find the most information.

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